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To Assist Engineering Students

Who We are

We are a group of students who volunteer to help students.

And you are part of us, if you help with materials or answer questions and problems that students have. So we are not a group of admins, but a community where everyone receives and gives help and information.

Why we are

When it comes to Engineering everything seems gogol. Lack of information, misinformation, lack of access to the necessary materials are just some of the problems faced by students as soon as they arrive, but also in the future. So we are here to help you by making public your questions, requests and problems. Also here you have full of materials with which students have sent to come to each other’s aid

Where We are

We are everywhere, in every faculty. We are about 7000 people in this community who can give our contribution to make the journey of our future colleagues easier.

How it starts

It all started with the creation of an instagram page called @Shit_blerje_librash, because the admin wanted to come to the aid of students who wanted to buy or sell books, acting as a bridge between them.

Later the name was changed to UPT HELP ZONE, where the focus was to come to the aid of other materials, where there was greater interest in exam theses over the years where so far there are over 1000 published theses.

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